“If this nightmares do not stop, we are gonna have to take him to see a psychologist” Hope said,

Struggling to put her messy, gigantic faux braids into a bun so she could get into bed. She had a perfectly hourglass shaped and petite body, with just enough drop of melanin for skin tone and so effortlessly beautiful. And “beautiful” was just an understatement . Asian eyes, thick pink lips sealing in perfectly shaped white teeth. Hope was every man’s dream wife considering her bubbly personality and the fact that he was always there for everyone who needed her.

Seth was staring at his wife or soon-to-be ex-wife’s clear skin and imagining of the good, heavenly like body that’s beneath the silky peach robe that Hope had on. The body that once made him go wild by just the thought of her, the enthusiasm he had and the urge that wrapped him into wanting to touch and feel that body. The thought that made his manhood parts hard without trying so hard. But this time, the thought did not awaken any sexual desire, enthusiasm or any feelings that it once effortlessly did. This days even seeing her naked did not arouse him, he felt nothing for her. Absolutely nothing.

“Seth! Am talking to you. Till when are you gonna sulk and keep this behavior of yours going. Am not talking about me or us here, am talking about your son, Seth. Your fucking son!”. Hope hissed and slammed the door behind on her way out.

Seth was just staring at her and he continued to stare at the slammed door expressing no particular emotion or feeling. He took out his phone and began scrolling down on instagram.

Seth and Hope have been married for 4 years after dating for 3 years. They were happy and 13 months into their relationship Hope found out she was pregnant. Even though they did not plan the pregnancy, they were elated by it. Hope had just got her degree in computer engineering and Seth was working at a local newspaper office as an editor. Hope then moved together in with her college sweetheart and they decided that Hope wish not gonna work which means Seth was the only one who will be maintaining the house and talking care of his pregnant girlfriend. It was all good. They were expecting twins.